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Drug Laws & Regurations

File Name / Report Titles Lang Action
Notices of Government of Lao PDR.
 Declaration on Polio out break
 Declaration National public health emergency on polio outbreak
Notices of Minnister
 Take care of own health during this cold weather
Notices from Food and Drug Department
 Notice on increase of the tested list for drinking water
Alert from international for about Drug & Medical Product
 Alert 3 2016_Fev_Falsified Hepatitis C products_EN
 Falsified Phenobarbital West Africa_EN
 Falsified Emergency Contraceptive circulating in East Africa
Alert from international for about Food & Drinking
 No any data...!
Alert from international for about Narcotic, Chemistic & Cosmetic
 No any data...!
Adverse Drug Reaction-ADR
 No any data...!